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Category:Amp Sensors

Model: HJ-TS5


Product Description
120V 2.5A
DELAY TIME: 5 Minutes
The High Current Switch / Dryer Control is solid-state N.O. high current AC Switch that operates a dryer booster fan directly. This device senses when a clothes dryer is drawing ~1 Amp of current and then closes the output switch to activate the dryer vent boosterfan. When the dryer cycle is complete and the current drops below the threshold, the output switch is opened again. The HC model has a turn off delay of 5 minutes. The HCN model does not have a turn off delay. The device requires no field adjustments and only two wire connections for easy installation. It is designed to mount in a standard electrical box and the dryer supply wire passes through the center of sensor so no physical connection is made.The device output will switch loads at 120 Vac and 2.5 Amps maximum.

Standards and Certifications

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